Fuel Sensor Industry in India

Published: 27th March 2012
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50 years back when the fuel sensor industry was in a nascent stage and most of the fuel sensor manufacturers were of foreign origin, nobody would have imagined that someday India would emerge as a leader in this field. Earlier there were times when people use to rely on imported fuel sensors and Indian companies were almost absent from the competition, now this field has taken a paradigm shift especially after the liberalization took place.

Companies got this opportunity because of privatization and then the best technology transfer from foreign manufacturers lead to growth of this Industry. Now that the demand has risen to sufficient level and the manufacturing is at full swing this industry has grown into leaps and bounds.


The Industrialization of Indian Economy along with the service sector has led to an economic boom in India, which resulted into a rise in automotive and petrochemical Industry. Since the related products are consumed by these two Industries the demand of fuel sensor manufacturers in India has raised phenomenally. Now that there are many manufacturers both domestic and multinational, companies have ample opportunity to choose the best from the lot. The variety of choices and price points by various manufacturers has given rise to healthy competition that has ultimately benefitted the Industry and the consumers both.


The focus of innovative companies has always driven towards customer centric approach; the best example would be the approach that most of the engineers take in these cases. Most of the time when client require a product the manufacturing is done by understanding his problem and then taking out various approaches to solve it. As leaders point out that never tell our engineers what to do, tell them the problem and they will devise the solution. This is hereby engineers in India has developed one of the finest and technically superior miniature level switch whose quality and performance is second to none, for the same reason it was awarded the best innovation award by Fedrik Maguel Thomas Foundation.


The future of the industry lies in the hands of the entrepreneurs who started early and now are the veterans of this industry, the cycle of learning was so large that the Industry can compete at any level across geographies. This is one of the reason even countries like China are lagging behind us in this industry; the main reason can be attributed to Indiaís early movers advantage and its ability to consolidate this strength in R&D and technology access.

Soon the country will dominate the world scenario and Indian companies will reach the uncharted terrain of the developed would. Western companies are always struck in the innovators dilemma as to where we should focus, since there capacity to produce market ready products is rather sluggish and that they have continuously failed to deliver the new technology on the right time, itís imperative that our industry takes mileage of this fact. Fuel sensors play an important role in the overall functioning of the petrochemical and the automotive industry, the functioning and the performance of the product is essential for the whole product. American companies have done a blunder when in order to reduce their cost they outsource this important product to inexperienced vendors and resulted into heavy callbacks of their products.


The new feather on the cap for us would be the indigenous development of the continuous fuel level sensor that will usher a new dimension to the way in which technology is used in this industry, needless to say that the growth prospect are plenty and the sun will shine brightest on those who continuously evolve.

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